MCMP Season II Competition is Closed. What's different a) New categories — School Students, College Students & Open Category launched. b) New themes every month. c) More than 20 awards every month. — Important: This Competition will close on July 31st, 2018. — For latest updates, visit our Facebook Page — For tips on Photography, join our Facebook Group — To check Monthly Leaders, visit here & to check Weekly Leaders, visit here
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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I want to share the details of this contest with my School/College and Friends, how can I share?

ü  You can download the brochure here. You can share this brochure with anybody you want.


Who can participate in the contest?

ü  The contest is open to all. We also welcome international participants to participate in this contest. However, the awards or certificates will be sent only to their Indian address.


I want to participate, but do not know which photos are suitable. Can you suggest?

ü  You can go & check out Categories and Themes section on our guidelines page (here)



How many photos can I submit?

ü  You can submit upto 3 photos per month. However, you can upload another 3 photos in the next month for a new theme. There may be some special events for which the participants may be invited to upload photographs beyond the monthly limit.


What is the cost of participation?

ü  This contest is completely FREE for the first 3 categories (School Students, College Students, Open). However, participants in any of these categories can participate as Professional Photographer by paying a nominal fee of Rs. 300 for that month. The objective of this contest is to promote talent in photography.


Can I submit any photograph?

ü  No, you can't submit any photograph. There are different themes every month. For more detailed criteria, you can check detailed Guidelines.


What if I get nominated for multiple prizes?

ü  In case you are nominated for multiple prizes, you will be eligible for only one prize of higher value.


When is the deadline for submitting photographs?

ü  You can submit photographs anytime during the course of this contest.


When will the winners be announced?

ü The winners will be announced on 7th of every month for the previous month's submission. The weekly winners will be announced on following Monday based on voting from Saturday to Friday. We are yet to decide the format for final winners.


How do I vote on photos?

ü  Click "Vote icon" in the lower left to vote on photos. A person can vote only once on each photo.


How do I gain more votes on my photos?

ü  To gain as many votes as possible on your photos, make sure to use the different share buttons to share them on your social networks. The sooner you enter the competition the more votes you will be able to gather and the higher is your chance to win an Award.


Are stock photos allowed?

ü  No, all parts of the photo must be taken by you.


What size and format should I upload photos in?

ü  You can upload photos in .png, .jpeg, .gif, .jpg format upto 10 MB.


I had uploaded a photo yesterday but can't find it?

ü  We monitor the platform on a continuous basis and remove photos if they are not relevant to the theme or have objectionable content/visual. Our automated systems also flag photographs that may not be original.


Our company would like to be one of the sponsors. Whom should I contact?

ü  If you are keen to sponsor this event, please write to us at