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Eduheal International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGO)

We help students of class 3 to 10 in preparation of IGO exam and courses through sample question and practice papers.

Schedule for 2017-2018 examination

The exam will be held on 10th November 2017.

Check Class-wise Syllabus here:

Look & say, who am I , whose home, who they belong to buildings, colors, words & stories, plant & animals, world and its people, festivals, wearing, place of worship, sightseeing, sports and fun, music, famous peoples, leaders, simple science, our earth, seasons, safety rules, India & world visit.

Look & say , who am I , Road signs, colors, shapes, manners, holy books, odd one out, animals & birds voice, land & water life, festivals, calendar, weather, temples, famous sightseeing, sports persons, dance , great personalities, general science, basic computer, India &world today.

Look & Say; Our Environment; Where will you see; Foods; Habitat; Shapes; Writers and Books; Plant & Animals; Means of Transports; My Country; Temples; Famous Sightseeing; People; Currency; Sporting Events and Trophies; Music and Dance; Leaders of India; Famous foreigners; Solar System & Space; Body parts; Basic Computer; Around the world.
Signs & Symbols; One Word; Comics & Comics Heroes; Abbreviations; Science & Inventions; Books & Authors; Animals & Plants Behaviours; India tour; Capitals; State & Religions; Dress Up; Foods; Festivals; Dance & Music; Sporting Events & Trophies; Famous Indian & World Personalities.
Animals & Plants; Nature Facts; Books & Authors; Tales of India; Music & Instruments; Space Science; Cinema & TV Quiz; Discoveries & Inventories; Everyday Science; Sports Scan. Books & Authors; Art & Culture; World Geography.
Indian Literature; Animals Kingdom; Dishes Worldwide; Odd One Out; Tourist Places; Earth & Space; World Geography; Sports & Winners; World Personalities; Movies & Awards; India’s & Worlds; Abbreviations.
Nature & Wild life; India’s & World’s Top; Great Personalities; Sports and Trophies; Discovery of India and World; Monuments & National Parks; Music; Dance & Instruments; Science Facts; Art & Culture; Books & Authors; Abbreviations; Indian History.

Plant & Animals Activity; World and its People; Sports and Yoga; Award Winners; Everyday Science Quizzes; Quizzes Around the World; Books & Authors; Literature; Wildlife conservation; One Word For; Movie & Entertainment; Biological facts; Computer Science; Old Age & Modern History; Sports & Trophies.

Plant & Animals Activities; Great Personalities; Sports and Trophies; Dance & Instruments; Science Facts; Art & Culture; Books & Authors; Computer Science; Biological Facts; Old Age & Modern History; World and Its People.
Plant & Animals Activities; Great Personalities; Art & Culture; Books & Authors; Sports and Trophies; Dance & Musical Instruments; Honours and Prizes; Longest; Highest; Greatest; Deepest; First; Largest; Busiest; Heaviest; Tallest; Smallest; Most; Least in World and India; Sports related Terms; India’s food; Wearing; Culture & Heritage; Rivers & Mountains.
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