Science Olympiad Exams for Class 7

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In today’s time, it has become very important to teach students how to balance and tackle the competition. Participating in Olympiad exams is the best way to remove fear of exams from the students, these exams are organized which helps in giving a child exposure to the competitive atmosphere. Science Olympiads are held at the National & International Level where students get a chance to compete with their peers.

Benefits of participating in Science Olympiad Exams for Class 7

Every student must attempt the Science Olympiad exam once. Here are a few reasons why to do so.

  • It builds confidence to face future competitive exams.
  • It provides a platform to showcase abilities in the Science subject.
  • Solving and practicing Olympiad exams sample papers helps students get a deeper understanding of concepts.

List of different Science Olympiad exams for class 7

Here you can find all the important information with relevant links for different Olympiad exams for class 7 students.

List of Olympiads Exam Date(s) Registration Link Sample Papers Syllabus Olympiad Preparation Course
CREST Science Olympiad (CSO) (Grades Prep/KG - 10) 4th & 16th Dec 2024 Check here Check here Check here Check here
Unicus Science Olympiad (USO) (Grades 1-11) 6th & 23rd July 2024 Check here Check here Check here Check here
SOF National Science Olympiad (NSO) (Grades 1-10) 18th Oct, 12th Nov & 3rd Dec 2024 n/a Check here Check here Check here
International Olympiad of Science (IOS) (Grades 1-10) 13th Nov & 5th Dec 2024 n/a Check here Check here Check here
Humming Bird Science Olympiad (HSO) (Grades 1-10) 22nd Nov & 5th Dec 2023 n/a Check here Check here Check here

How to prepare for Science Olympiad exams for class 7?

Preparation is a must for Science Olympiad exams for class 7 to excel in the examination:

  • You can expect questions of varying difficulty in the main Science Olympiad examination for class 7. You need to ensure that you are well familiar with the standard of questions asked.
  • Join online coaching for Olympiad preparation is you find it difficult to prepare for the Science Olympiad exams. Olympiad Success is one of the best online platform for helping students to prepare for Olympiad exams.
  • Refer NCERT books for sharpening your concepts.

Why prepare with Olympiad Success for Science Olympiad exams for class 7?

Olympiad Success is student’s first choice for Olympiad exams preparation in Mathematics, Science, English & Reasoning for classes 1-10. The courses are apt for Olympiad preparation and making them succeed in these exams. Olympiad Success provides online LIVE interactive group as well as one-to-one classes. Online classes include LIVE sessions, topic-wise tests & continuous performance evaluation throughout the course.

Olympiad Success gives you a complete Science preparation guide which will help you score high in Class 7 Science Olympiad exams. The Science preparation material for Class 7 includes:

  • Get Science topic-wise preparation notes for Class 7
  • Get 60+ topic-wise Science practice worksheets for Class 7
  • Access free Science Level 1 and Level 2 sample papers
  • Get 10 Mock tests that are based on previous years' Science Olympiad question papers for Class 7
  • Register for our free National Level 'Saturday to Saturday Mock Test' which is given by thousands of students across the world

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