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Unified International Mathematics Olympiad (UIMO)

We help students of class 1 to 10 in preparation of UIMO exam and courses through sample questions and practice papers.

About Unified International Mathematics Olympiad (UIMO)

UIMO is a school curriculum-based examination. It assesses the strength & weakness of students in Math. UIMO provides an undefeatable charisma to the young minds with a competitive spirit. A graphical report is made available to the students which depicts their performance made at individual, class, school and country levels. This report is the skill-blueprint of the student.

UIMO Syllabus and Marking Scheme

Unified International Mathematics Olympiad (UIMO) question papers are suitable for students following CBSE/ICSE/ISC and various other State Board syllabus.

  Class 1 & 2 Classes 3 to 5 Classes 6 to 12
No. of Questions 40 60 60
Marks 40 50 60
Duration 1 hour

For Class 1 & 2

Mathematics 30 Marks
Logical Reasoning 10 Marks

For Class 3 to 5

Mathematics 35 Marks
Logical Reasoning 10 Marks
Critical Thinking 05 Marks

For Class 6 to 12

Mathematics - 1 30 Marks
Mathematics - 2 15 Marks
Logical Reasoning 10 Marks
Critical Thinking 05 Marks

Schedule for 2019-2020 Examination

The exam will be held on 28th January 2020.
Last date of submit applications on 2nd November 2019


  1. Advance learning and Competition.
  2. Awards and Recognition.
  3. Competitive analysis.


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Check Class-wise Syllabus here:

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