Science Olympiad Exams for Class 9

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The questions asked in the Science Olympiad exams are more or less the same as what they study in schools. But the only difference lies in the exam pattern & level of difficulty of questions asked. These exams develop a deeper understanding of scientific facts & enhance student’s reasoning, analytical and problem-solving skills.

Benefits of participating in Science Olympiad Exams for Class 9

Here are few benefits of appearing in Science Olympiad exams for class 9:

  • Provides exposure to students at the national & international level.
  • Students’ performance in school academics also improves as Olympiad exams sharpen their thinking & learning process.
  • Instills the quality of hard work in your child by pushing him/her to prepare hard for the Olympiad exams.

List of different Science Olympiad exams for class 9

Here you can find all the important information with relevant links for different Olympiad exams for class 9 students.

List of Olympiads Exam Date(s) Registration Link Sample Papers Syllabus Olympiad Preparation Course
CREST Science Olympiad (CSO) (Grades Prep/KG - 10) 7th Dec 2021 / 22nd Dec 2021 Check here Check here Check here Check here
Unicus Science Olympiad (USO) (Grades 1-11) 9th Jul 2021 / 27th Jul 2021 Check here Check here Check here Check here
National Science Olympiad (NSO) (Grades 1-10) 25th Nov 2021 / 7th & 14th Dec 2021 n/a Check here Check here Check here
International Olympiad of Science (IOS) (Grades 1-10) 16th Nov 2021 / 16th Dec 2021 n/a Check here Check here Check here
Humming Bird Science Olympiad (HSO) (Grades 1-10) 24th Nov 2021 / 8th Dec 2021 n/a Check here Check here Check here

How to prepare for Science Olympiad exams for class 9?

Science Olympiad exams are conducted on a similar syllabus that is taught at school to kids. One should prefer NCERT books to study concepts and prepare for the exams. Additional reference books can also be used to prepare for these exams. Students are only required to be clear with all the concepts of the topics and practice on that to get a good rank. Questions asked in the exam are tricky and require students to use their brains to solve them.

Why prepare with Olympiad Success for Science Olympiad exams for class 9?

Olympiad Success is the best online platform for preparing students for Olympiad preparation in Mathematics, Science, English & Reasoning for classes 1-10. The courses designed for Olympiad preparation are up to the mark for students to excel well in the main Olympiad exams. Olympiad Success offers online LIVE interactive classes both group as well as one-to-one to students for the above-mentioned grades. Apart from LIVE classes, we do offer test series for assessing students' performance of what they’ve studied.

Olympiad Success gives you a complete Science preparation guide which will help you score high in Class 9 Science Olympiad exams. The Science preparation material for Class 9 includes:

  • Get Science topic-wise preparation notes for Class 9
  • Get 60+ topic-wise Science practice worksheets for Class 9
  • Access free Science Level 1 and Level 2 sample papers
  • Get 10 Mock tests that are based on previous years' Science Olympiad question papers for Class 9
  • Register for our free National Level 'Saturday to Saturday Mock Test' which is given by thousands of students across the world

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