Live Online Vedic Maths Classes for Kids (Grades 3 to 9)

Why learn Vedic Maths Skills?

Learn to calculate fast using magical Maths - Vedic Maths from an early age.

An aggressive push for Vedic Maths is seen now over a period. The numerous benefits that Vedic Maths provide to students are the reason Olympiad Success has introduced these courses for grades 3-10 to help them learn Vedic Maths and build a strong foundation from an early age.

The concepts taught in Vedic Maths have widespread applications and help become efficient at mental calculations, reduce complex questions problem-solving time, and dependency on calculators to solve complex problems cuts down to zero. Vedic Maths has become a vital tool to solve mathematics much faster in competitive exams, campus recruitments, Olympiad exams, etc. It also improves IQ, concentration power, and levels up creativity.

Olympiad Success through this course ensures that students build a strong foundation in the Vedic Maths fundamental concepts from an early age that would help them excel in any future competitive exams and use Vedic Maths in other spheres of life too.

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Prepare for the Olympiad exams, build skills for the future, and communication skills for grades 3-8 with the SchoolPlus program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Courses and Price

Explore all the Vedic Maths courses for classes 3-10 with affordable pricing.

Learn the art of Vedic maths from our subject-expert tutors and improve your skill in Vedic Maths through Olympiad Success courses.

Why Join Us?

With the advancement in technology, the competition is also increasing vastly.

Through its courses, Olympiad Success helps build a strong foundation of fundamental concepts from the very beginning that helps them in career perspective in the long run.

To explore our more courses, chat with us.

Our unique features which makes us exclusive are:

  • The subject-expert mentors helps understand concepts from basic to advanced level.
  • The courses have been nominally charged to benefit many students from it.
  • The students’ performance assessment is done through mock tests.
  • Studying in group with your peers gives an outlet to learn through discussions.
  • The teaching pedagogy is effective in making students learn well.
  • The course syllabus is completed well within the course duratio.

What people say about us


The reading material and the teaching of the tutor is good.


India, Class 4

The brain twisting questions and learning new ways to solve problems.

Sujit Narayanan.…

India, Class 5

Very nice and simplified teaching by the mentors.

Deepam Ku…

India, Class 4
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