Online Vedic Maths Classes for Grade 5

Vedic Mathematics is an interesting ancient Indian system which was introduced for making really fast calculations. Learning Vedic Math will help the students to solve the questions very quickly without committing any mistake. Hence, guidance from our mentors will certainly make the students more creative in terms of solving the problems and eliminating the need of calculator from their day-to-day use.

Hence, Olympiad Success Live has designed the course for Vedic Math for class 5 in such a way that the foundation of the child is built up. For this, we have done great efforts in finding the tutor for class 5 Vedic Math with relevant background and experience.

If you are interested in purchasing this course, then please Enroll Now. You will be redirected to the batch detail page, wherein you can see all the details like batch start and demo dates, fess and the registration link related to Vedic Math for class 5 course.


Syllabus for Vedic Maths (Intermediate Level)

  • Basic Introduction of Vedic Maths, Fast Multiplication with series of 9's and 1's
  • Multiplication with Numbers from ( 11 - 19 )
  • Numbers with Same Units and Tens Place Multiplication
  • Fast Multiplication - Vertically Crosswise - 1
  • Fast Multiplication - Vertically Crosswise - 2
  • Multiplication of Tables upto 1000
  • Quick Addition - Dhashamshaha
  • Quick Addition - Vilokanam
  • Square and Square roots
  • Cube and Cube roots
  • Vinculum Number - Part I
  • Vinculum Number - Part II
  • Fast Division - Part I
  • Fast Division - Part II
  • Fractions
  • Calendar

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