English Olympiad Exams for Class 2

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Children in class 2 are introduced to hundreds of new things. Participating in Olympiad exams for class 2 will help students sharpen English concepts & topics that are there in the school curriculum. It will help every kid to get a proper understanding for strengthening their basic knowledge and to build a strong foundation for higher classes.

Participating in the English Olympiad for class 2 gives students a platform where all their skills and abilities can be assessed beyond the classroom. This is helpful to identify their real talent and guide them with the right direction to pursue their aspirations.

Participating in the English Olympiad Class 2 significantly boosts their confidence by competing with their peers.

Benefits of participating in English Olympiad Exams for Class 2

Participating in the English Olympiad comes with plenty of benefits. Few of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • Students participating in Olympiad exams gives them a sense of achievement and pushes them to put in more effort as they get to compete at state or country at national or international level.
  • The most beneficial thing of participating and scoring well in Olympiad competitive exams is that it teaches the children to be adaptive to both winning and losing.
  • Children who participate in this olympiad develop great IQ, Logical and Analytical reasoning abilities at an early age.

List of different English Olympiad exams for class 2

Here you can find all the important information with relevant links for different Olympiad exams for class 2 students.

List of Olympiads Exam Date(s) Registration Link Sample Papers Syllabus Olympiad Preparation Course
CREST English Olympiad (CEO) (Grades Prep/KG - 10) 16th Nov 2021 / 3rd Dec 2021 Check here Check here Check here Check here
Unicus English Olympiad (UEO) (Grades 1-11) 11th May 2021 / 28th May 2021 Check here Check here Check here Check here
International English Olympiad (IEO) (Grades 1-10) 28th Oct 2021 / 9th & 18th Nov 2021 n/a Check here Check here Check here
International Olympiad of English Language (IOEL) (Grades 1-10) 11th Nov 2021 / 14th Dec 2021 n/a Check here Check here Check here
Unified English Olympiad (UEO) (Grades 1-10) 11th May 2021 / 28th May 2021 n/a Check here Check here Check here
HummingBird English Olympiad (HEO) (Grades 1-10) 26th Nov 2021 / 10th Dec 2021 n/a Check here Check here Check here

How to prepare for English Olympiad exams for class 2?

The English Olympiad is held to improve the students' grammatical and make them aware of basic important concepts.

  • Students are advised to make a proper timetable and follow it thoroughly in order to cover the entire scope of the syllabus. Students should properly know about the entire syllabus and should practice each and every small to big topic for the test before starting the preparation for the exam.
  • Students can also take help of online classes and resources in order to get a better and in depth understanding of the subject. This will surely help them perform better in Olympiad exams. One such platform is Olympiad Success where students are offered live classes by India’s top mentors. Students can check the details for class 2 live classes by visiting the link here.
  • Students can also practice mock tests and topic-wise test series from Olympiad success for a better preparation for class 2 here.
  • Hope, these few preparation tips will help you excel in your exams.

Why prepare with Olympiad Success for English Olympiad exams for class 2?

Olympiad Success is popularly known as India's largest online preparation platform for Olympiad exams. Olympiad Success offers students with LIVE classes, test series & free Saturday to Saturday mock tests that have been proven effective for thousands of students. Olympiad Success is the first choice of toppers in Olympiad exams. Our mentors encourage students to ask doubts and provide feedback. The LIVE classes courses are meticulously designed to cover the entire syllabus for the English Olympiad exam that help students excel in their main examination.

Olympiad Success gives you a complete English preparation guide which will help you score high in Class 2 English Olympiad exams. The English preparation material for Class 2 includes:

  • Get English topic-wise preparation notes for Class 2
  • Get 60+ topic-wise English practice worksheets for Class 2
  • Access free English Level 1 sample papers
  • Get 10 Mock tests that are based on previous years' English Olympiad question papers for Class 2
  • Register for our free National Level 'Saturday to Saturday Mock Test' which is given by thousands of students across the world

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