Communication Classes for Kids (Grades 3 to 8)


Communication cannot be left behind because a student can express ideas most effectively with this skill.

Learning communication skills at a young age can help a child get ahead. At all levels of education, students must be able to communicate effectively.

Effective communication skills help students to express themselves clearly and convey their feelings in a better manner. It boasts a child’s social IQ by helping him build healthy relationships during his interactions with other people and improvement in the presence of mind & memory enhancement.

In today’s competitive and continuously changing world, a child who can communicate well verbally and non-verbally stands out from his peers. Olympiad Success has introduced courses for grades 3-10 to upskill students’ communication skills from basic to an advanced level by helping them prepare for their future academic, professional, and social life ahead.

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SchoolPlus Program by Olympiad Success

SchoolPlus program by Olympiad Success is a next-level learning program for classes 3-8. Explore all the 8 courses in the program!

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Olympiad Success Live Details

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What you’ll learn?

Learn the art of spoken and written communication through communication courses designed for classes 3-10.

Master the skill through LIVE classes, practice sessions, reading material and exercises along with the best expert subject tutors.

Overview of the Courses:

  • Interacting with the teacher in schools, discussing with friends, clearing job interview rounds, public speaking and more all can be done with effective communication skills. It also boosts the self-confidence and the overall personality of the student. Get trained in group discussions, debates, storytelling, extempore, and more through various spoken communication courses.
  • The courses will help build a strong foundation in writing skills by covering various aspects of writing skills like creative writing, etc. Written communication not only helps score good marks in exams but is required in a professional career as well. It opens many career opportunities for students in content writing, copywriting, content marketing, blogging, and more.

Courses and Price

Explore all the Communication Skills courses for classes 3-8 with affordable pricing.

Learn from our subject-expert mentors by enrolling through these courses and upskill yourself through Olympiad Success Communication courses.

Why Join Us?

In today’s world, there is a cut-throat competition that exists, which has become the latest buzzword of society.

Olympiad Success through it’s courses ensures to serve students build a powerful foundation of fundamental concepts to help them achieve academic and professional excellence in future.

To explore our more courses, chat with us.

Our unique features which makes us exclusive are:

  • Olympiad Success has a perfect blend of experienced subject-expert tutors that are there to guide you throughout the courses.
  • All courses have affordable pricing without compromising on the quality of content.
  • The students’ performance assessment is done through mock tests.
  • Studying with your peers in group helps to give an exposure of the competition that exists.
  • The teaching pedagogy is easy to understand and similar to offline classroom sessions.
  • We ensure the entire course syllabus is completed well within time.

What people say about us


Learning new things, clear speaking, clear about doubts, learning how to speak & give a speech or how to do a debate, GD, etc.

Hamzah Inamdar

India, Class 4

I have liked the teaching process and also the question-based teaching. I also like the fact that it is an interactive class. I also like the feature of immediate doubt clearance.

Sagnik De…

India, Class 6

I like the teaching of Sumita, ma'am. She makes the class more interesting and easy to understand. I always look forward to the English Crash course class. And the notes are also very detailed.

Vaidik Agarwal

India, Class 5

The study material, the curriculum design, and the way of teaching are very effective.

Keshav Gupta

India, Class 4

Teacher Shagun Mam is very good, interactive, and makes the class and concepts interesting. She is definitely experienced with this platform and mode of teaching.

Avika Mehta

India, Class 3

I liked the way of teaching and also the interactive methodology to teach.

Ahan Choudhary

India, Class 6
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