English Olympiad Exams for Class 8

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Children in class 8 have a vast syllabus and are introduced to hundreds of new things. Participating in Olympiad exams for class 8 will be very beneficial for students to sharpen their English concepts & topics that are there in the school curriculum.

Olympiad exams work as pillars for every kid to get a clear understanding of every topic and strengthen each student's basic knowledge. English Olympiads aid to build a strong foundation for higher classes.

Participating in the English Olympiad builds a strong foundation for students to enhance their skills and abilities that can be assessed beyond the classroom. Olympiads assists students to identify their real talent and guide them through the exact direction to pursue their aspirations.

Benefits of participating in English Olympiad Exams for Class 8

Considering all these benefits listed below, students will definitely get encouraged to participate in Olympiads to keep their passion for new learning open.

  • Olympiad exams work as the bridge to success for children and builds a strong foundation to future competitive careers while making them self dependent and confident to face all challenges in life.
  • The Olympiads are designed in such a way that it does not just test the student’s concepts but the application of those concepts in a limited time environment.
  • Through Olympiads, children are able to analyze their performance at school, state, national and international level and measure their merit on a wider scale.

List of different English Olympiad exams for class 8

Here you can find all the important information with relevant links for different Olympiad exams for class 8 students.

List of Olympiads Exam Date(s) Registration Link Sample Papers Syllabus Olympiad Preparation Course
CREST English Olympiad (CEO) (Grades Prep/KG - 10) 29th Nov & 9th Dec 2023 Check here Check here Check here Check here
Unicus English Olympiad (UEO) (Grades 1-11) 13th May & 30th May 2023 Check here Check here Check here Check here
International English Olympiad (IEO) (Grades 1-10) 26th Sep, 12th Oct & 2nd Nov, 2023 n/a Check here Check here Check here
International Olympiad of English Language (IOEL) (Grades 1-10) 8th Nov & 12th Dec, 2023 n/a Check here Check here Check here
Unified International English Olympiad (UIEO) (Grades 1-10) 21st Jan 2024 n/a Check here Check here Check here
HummingBird English Olympiad (HEO) (Grades 1-10) 29th Nov & 12th Dec 2023 n/a Check here Check here Check here

How to prepare for English Olympiad exams for class 8?

Here we have noted down some of the most useful and essential points that can help you prepare for the Olympiad and score meritorious results.

  • Last-minute preparation usually makes the student skip the important section and students lack in remembering all the concepts. Therefore, students must start preparation way before the actual date of Olympiads.
  • Students must go through online materials and sources that will enable the students to get quicker and faster results during the time of preparation. Olympiad Success gives you the opportunity to attend online LIVE classes and practice test series with us.
  • The exam seeks a lot of attention, time and hard work which can be achieved only through continuous effort and regular practice.
  • Keep in mind all these points before you start preparing for Olympiad exams.

Why prepare with Olympiad Success for English Olympiad exams for class 8?

Students who are looking for online preparation platforms, Olympiad Success covers a wide area of academic learning allowing you to supplement your studies with extra knowledge. Olympiad Success is a marketplace through which we facilitate hosting of all the online courses, like Maths, English, Science, Reasoning etc. taught in classrooms starting from KG to be accessed by anyone, anywhere at any time. All the courses provided by us are interactive, prepared by the best teachers in the country and are available with best prices to any learner.

Olympiad Success gives you a complete English preparation guide which will help you score high in Class 8 English Olympiad exams. The English preparation material for Class 8 includes:

  • Get English topic-wise preparation notes for Class 8
  • Get 60+ topic-wise English practice worksheets for Class 8
  • Access free English Level 1 and Level 2 sample papers
  • Get 10 Mock tests that are based on previous years' English Olympiad question papers for Class 8
  • Register for our free National Level 'Saturday to Saturday Mock Test' which is given by thousands of students across the world

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