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How To Prepare For SOF IMO (Maths Olympiad)?

How To Prepare For SOF IMO (Maths Olympiad)?
Olympiad Success
Olympiad Success

Are you looking to prepare for the SOF IMO Maths Olympiad exam but worried about how to prepare effectively? If yes, then this article is a must-read for you!

If you’re about to begin or have already started with the IMO preparation, then this article is going to be immensely useful. Here we’ll share with you the complete preparation guide on how to prepare for IMO exam conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) to help you score well in the upcoming IMO Olympiad. So let’s begin!

Best SOF IMO Tricks & Tips for preparation

1. Have good knowledge about the Syllabus and Exam Pattern

It is the most important part to know the IMO syllabus and have proper knowledge of its question types and pattern. Having accurate knowledge of the syllabus before starting the preparation will make a great difference. It will help you then know how to plan your schedule and what topics you should focus on more to score well. Every student must prepare their preparation guide according to the importance of any topic.

2. Prepare a regular routine and stick to the schedule

The biggest mistake that most kids make is to start preparing just before the exam for a few days. Usually, kids think that more or less it is the same school syllabus, therefore there is not as such need to focus more on learning pre hand and preparing any routine. You must start preparing early. The best way to do this is to plan a proper routine and follow the study timetable according to the syllabus for international Mathematics Olympiad and maintain it regularly. Only a right study schedule followed by focused and concentrated learning with full dedication can make your preparation organized and help to achieve desired results with ease.

3. Choose preparation resources wisely

IMO Previous Year Papers

Practicing IMO sample papers play a crucial role in preparing for the IMO exam. These sample papers help students to practice a variety of questions and have a more clearer understanding of the question pattern.

IMO Mock Tests

Mock tests are very useful to analyze, manage time, and know the types and patterns of questions. These are quite useful to revise the entire syllabus through questions. For additional practice, you may buy IMO worksheets.

IMO Books / IMO Olympiad Workbook

  • Students are advised to properly follow the NCERT books as the majority of the question types and syllabus is from the NCERT.
  • Another most preferred IMO Olympiad book is the MTG IMO Olympiad workbook for smarter problems solving capabilities. The book is available for grades 1-12.

IMO Olympiad Coaching

  • You can also go for Olympiad coaching for SOF IMO preparation. For this, you can confidently rely on us. Olympiad Success is India’s best online Olympiad preparation platform, helping students to prepare for Olympiad exams in Maths, Science, English & Reasoning.
  • We’ve Mathematics Olympiad preparation courses available for students in grades 2-10 that cover IMO Olympiad preparation. One-to-one as well group online classes are available.
  • What’s included in the Olympiad Success LIVE Classes?
    1. Online LIVE interactive sessions
    2. Recording of the sessions made available
    3. Reading material and exercises after each session
    4. Practice on previous years’ questions
    5. Class test and additional worksheets for practice (that includes topic-wise tests & mock tests)

4. Prepare quick notes for revision

Revision works like magic. Revising everything after studying makes your grip stronger and helps you remember for a longer time. Also, revising at the last moment is not practical. It is always better to make small and quick notes that can be used for revision. It helps you score well in exams with just a few minutes of quick revision before the exam.

5. Learn to manage time efficiently

Efficiently managing time during the preparation & while attempting exam is the key to success. You must make sure that your kids start with the preparation beforehand to score better. You can also consult the teachers at school or take online Olympiad preparation classes for more in-depth knowledge and to ensure a proper way of covering the entire syllabus. These classes and course providers help you analyze and give the exact amount of time required. They make sure that your child divides the time and builds an effective timetable to practice all the topics that are going to appear in the Maths Olympiad thoroughly.

FAQs on IMO Olympiad

Q.1. How Olympiad Success LIVE Classes can help in the SOF IMO preparation?

Olympiad Success is one of the most prestigious and popularly known online Olympiad preparation platforms that help students to boost their preparation for Olympiad exams.

This platform is designed to provide Live Olympiad classes for Olympiad Exam Preparation in Maths, Science, English & Reasoning for grades 2-10. Olympiad Success provides 1-1 as well as group classes. To know more about ongoing and upcoming batches of Olympiad Success, check here.

Q.2. How many IMO mock tests should one appear before attempting the actual examination?

Students must practice enough mock tests before examinations. Every student must plan to attempt atleast 3-5 mock tests before appearing for the final exam.

Practicing regular mock tests helps your child to know their strength and work on any areas that need improvement. It also makes them familiar with all types of topics, formulas, concepts and questions that may be asked in the examination. Also, it builds a sense of confidence in them by attempting mock tests.

Q.3. How much time does it take to prepare for the IMO Olympiad?

There is no fixed duration of time that ensures success or failure in an examination. Every student has their own speed of grasping knowledge. But it is advised by mentors to atleast start preparing for the International Maths Olympiad exam prior to 6 months. This will help students to complete the entire syllabus and will have enough time for revisions.

Q.4. How many hours should one study daily to prepare for the IMO Olympiad?

The more kids study the more they become confident about giving the examination. No fixed duration can assure your kids' performance. Studying for 6-7 hours a day is sufficient to grasp all details of the examination and score well. It totally depends on the learning capabilities and capacity of a child.

Q.5. What free SOF IMO preparation resources can I find on Olympiad Success?

Following are free resources you can refer to that are available on Olympiad Success:

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