Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.1keyboard_arrow_rightWhat are Olympiad Success Live classes?

    Olympiad Success Live are classes conducted for various Olympiad exams. The classes are conducted for subjects like Maths, Science, English, Reasoning, etc. We also conduct classes for exams like PRMO, NTSE, NMTC, etc. We take pride in saying that we are India's first organisation to start classes specifically for Olympiads.

  • Q.2keyboard_arrow_rightHow are these Live classes conducted?

    These Live classes are group classes conducted on Zoom.

  • Q.3keyboard_arrow_rightFor which subjects and grades are these Live classes conducted?

    Currently we are conducting these classes for students of grades 3 to 10 and for subjects like Mathematics, Science, English, Reasoning, etc. and exams like NTSE, PRMO, NMTC, etc.

  • Q.4keyboard_arrow_rightWhat are the fees, duration and timings for these classes?

    The fees, duration and timings for every subject and grade are different. Please check the Batch details page here. It will give you an idea about the current and upcoming batches with details like fees, duration, time, etc.

  • Q.5keyboard_arrow_rightWhat does the fee for the course cover?

    The fee for these Live classes include:

    • LIVE Classes
    • Summarized Reading Material/Exercises after every class
    • Access to Olympiad Success for Logical Reasoning + the subject for which you are applying
    • Practice on Previous Year Papers

  • Q.6keyboard_arrow_rightCan the time of the class change once the course starts?

    No, the time of the classes doesn't change once the course starts.

  • Q.7keyboard_arrow_rightWill I be getting any assignment after every class? And how?

    Yes, you will be getting assignments after every class. We will be sending the assignments to you on your registered mobile number through WhatsApp.

  • Q.8keyboard_arrow_rightWill you be providing any reading material?

    Yes, we do provide you with reading material either before or after each class. But, please do note that this reading material should not be considered as a substitute for a regular book. The reading materials should be tretaed as summarised notes for revision.

  • Q.9keyboard_arrow_rightWhat if I miss a class?

    We share video links of the class with the students. So, in case, a student misses a class, he/she can view that video to understand what was taught in that class. Although, we personally would not want you to miss any class because a student understands better in a Live class rather than a recorded class.

  • Q.10keyboard_arrow_rightAre the video recordings of the class available?

    Yes, they are available and the link to the videos are shared with students on their registered WhatsApp number.

  • Q.11keyboard_arrow_rightCan I just enrol for the reading material and assignments? What will be the cost in that case?

    Yes, you can enrol only for reading material and assignments although we don\'t recommend that. The cost differs for each class and subject. Hence, give us a call on +91 95607 64447 to know about it.

  • Q.12keyboard_arrow_rightWhat is the mode of language for these classes?

    The classes will be conducted in English language only.

  • Q.13keyboard_arrow_rightWhich Olympiads does your Live classes cater to?

    We do not cater to any specific Olympiad. These are generalised classes which cover the syllabus of most commonly known Olympiads like SOF, SilverZone, CREST Olympiads, etc.

  • Q.14keyboard_arrow_rightThese classes are suitable for which boards?

    A student coming from any board can apply to these classes.

  • Q.15keyboard_arrow_rightWill there be any one-to-one class?

    No, there will be no one-to-one classes. But if you want, we can arrange one and it will be charged extra.

  • Q.16keyboard_arrow_rightWhat if I have a doubt in the class/reading material/assignment? Will it be cleared?

    You can certainly raise your doubts in the class itself by writing down your queries in the chat section of Zoom. They will be cleared during or at the end of the class surely.

  • Q.17keyboard_arrow_rightDo you take any doubt classes?

    We make sure that the course gets completed in sufficient time so that the remaining sessions are utilised for doubt clearance, previous year paper solving, etc.

  • Q.18keyboard_arrow_rightWill these classes cover both Level 1 and Level 2 course?

    No, these classes covers just Level 1. Although, the question papers of Level 2 will be solved once the course gets over.

  • Q.19keyboard_arrow_rightHow do, as a parent, I know that my kid is progressing well?

    The tutor takes tests/quiz at regular intervals so that he/she understands that the kids are really understanding the topics. Also, we would like parent\'s involvement in the assignments so that they understand if their child is coping well in the classes or not.

  • Q.20keyboard_arrow_rightIs there any demo class available before joining the course?

    Yes, there is an interaction and demo session conducted before starting any course. In this, a short presentation on the course is given and then the queries (related to the course) of parents/students are resolved. Then, finally, the demo class by the tutor is taken up. In case you have missed the demo class, you can WhatsApp us at +91-95607-64447 to get link of the video of the demo class.

  • Q.21keyboard_arrow_rightHow can I join this course?

    To join this course, please visit this page: Click on Register/Join to register for that particular course. Also, after making the payment, kindly WhatsApp your full name, class and course on this number +91 95607 64447.

  • Q.22keyboard_arrow_rightHow often are assessments taken during the course?

    The mentor/tutor take tests frequently i.e. after every week or after every chapter. There are also a number of tests taken towards the end of the course. This includes tests on previous year papers.

  • Q.24keyboard_arrow_rightOnce I make the payment, what should I do?

    Once you make the payment, please WhatsApp student's full name, class and course on this number +91 95607 64447.

  • Q.25keyboard_arrow_rightIs there any referral program? Or will I get any discount if I purchase 2 or more courses?

    Yes, we do have a referral program.
    For every referral, we will be awarding you 1000 points (equivalent to Rs. 1000 on Olympiad Success platform or Rs. 500 Amazon vouchers).
    Students (your referral) should provide your email id in the 'Referral Email' box while making payment for them to receive 250 reward points and for you to receive 1000 points.
    Existing LIVE! students can put their own email id to receive a loyalty bonus of 1500 points (equivalent to Rs. 1500 on Olympiad Success platform or Rs. 750 Amazon vouchers).
    You can also accumulate points and take subsequent classes almost free of charge. There's no upper limit and no expiry on points you can accumulate

  • Q.26keyboard_arrow_rightIf I don't want to continue with the classes, will I be getting a refund?

    After the payment is done, there will be no refund.

  • Q.27keyboard_arrow_rightI still have a query. Whom should I contact?

    If you still have a query, kindly write to us at [email protected] or call us at +91 95607 64447.

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