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How To Prepare For SOF NSO (National Science Olympiad)?

How To Prepare For SOF NSO (National Science Olympiad)?
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To begin with the preparation for SOF NSO (National Science Olympiad) many of us require guidance. Like every other exam, you can plan preparation for NSO Olympiad as well. This Olympiad examination is conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) each year for students to enhance their scientific skills.

You need to put in all your hard work and dedication in order to ace in the examination. Also, a good amount of smart work is necessary to make it to the top. In this article, we will share with you the best tips on how to prepare for NSO.

Best SOF NSO Tricks & Tips for preparation

1. Follow NSO syllabus & study every topic

The first and major thing that you need to do without fail is to go through the NSO syllabus. We know that the syllabus of the National Science Olympiad (NSO) is mostly based on the school syllabus only, but there are still lots of other topics that are based on conceptual facts & are not there in the school syllabus. Hence, you must refer SOF NSO syllabus before you begin your preparation. Each student must study every topic in depth so as to have a stronghold of all the topics.

Since the exam has mostly practical questions, hence you must focus more on the conceptual understanding of the topics during the preparation phase. It will help you to answer even tricky questions in an easy manner.

2. Setting a timetable and following it

The second important step of the NSO preparation is to design a timetable. Achievers prepare a timetable and stick to it. You must also prepare a timetable for yourself.

Apart from the regular academic studies, you need to dedicate time to the SOF NSO preparation also. Plan to sit for around 2 hours a day daily. Following it diligently over months you’ll be able to complete the entire syllabus & score good marks.

3. Solve NSO Sample papers and attempt Mock Tests

One of the major things to do is to practice atleast 3-5 NSO previous year papers. It is a great way to assess your preparation through these sample question papers. Once you’re done with the NSO sample papers, for additional practice it is recommended to attempt around 3-10 mock tests as well in the last few weeks before the examination.

The more you expose yourself to previous year papers & NSO mock tests, the better your chances are to score higher in the Olympiads. You can buy NSO mock tests online to boost your NSO exam preparation.

4. Refer NSO Books / NSO Olympiad Workbook

We recommend the following books for the preparation:

  • Students are advised to properly go through the concepts & solve the exercises present in the Science NCERT textbook. You can find many similar questions in the exam from NCERT book.
  • Science Olympiad Foundation also offers the MTG National Science Olympiad (NSO) workbook to enhance the basic concepts and scientific skills of students. This workbook is equally helpful for preparation.

5. Science Olympiad Coaching

  • Preparing for NSO examination has become much easier with the help of Olympiad Success LIVE Classes courses. Olympiad Success offers online Science Olympiad course for grades 2-10. The course is appropriate to help you prepare for the NSO Olympiad. The classes are available as group as well as one-to-one.
  • The best part of joining online Olympiad classes is that your load of preparation is reduced. The meticulously designed course structure covers everything that is needed for you to study & ace the examination & you get hand-holding support of an Olympiad coach as well. The right course plan, study material & guidance from mentor help you get an edge over others & hence Olympiad coaching plays an important role in the preparation.
  • 40+ International Rank 1s in various Olympiads from Olympiad Success in session 2020-21 makes the Olympiad Success the most preferred choice for Olympiad exam preparation. Olympiad Success online LIVE classes include:

1. Online LIVE interactive sessions

2. Recording of the sessions made available

3. Reading material and exercises after each session

4. Practice on previous year questions

5. Class test and additional worksheets for practice (that includes topic-wise tests & mock tests)

6. Complete, revise and restart

You cannot crack the NSO exam with just intelligence but it will also demand dedication. Complete your syllabus beforehand and do regular practice to stay confident. Do not overlook a problem and stick to it until you find a solution for it. In this way, you will be able to challenge your intellect. Also, do not overwork and tire yourself. This is one of the most important and helpful pieces of advice you will find in the best NSO preparation techniques.


Follow the above-mentioned tips & make every day count of your preparation. All the best for your preparation.

FAQs on NSO Olympiad

Q.1. How Olympiad Success LIVE Classes can help in the SOF NSO exam preparation?

One of the most famous and widely recognized online Olympiad preparation platforms, Olympiad Success is the best known for its Live online interactive classes. These classes have helped many students secure international ranks in various Olympiads.

Olympiad Success conducts online Live Olympiad classes for Olympiad Exam Preparation in Maths, Science, English & Reasoning for grades 2-10. Olympiad Success offers students with 1-1 & group classes. To know more details about the ongoing and upcoming batches of Olympiad Success, check here.

Q.2. How many NSO mock tests should one appear before attempting the actual examination?

It is generally advised to attempt around 5-10 mock tests before the examination. Practicing mock tests help students in self-assessing their area of strengths and weaknesses.

Q.3. How much time does it take to prepare for the SOF NSO Olympiad?

It is generally advised to start preparing atleast 6-7 months before the actual examination. But as such, there is no fixed duration for excelling in the NSO Olympiad. It varies from child to child. Everyone has their own speed of learning. Few are quick at learning while others are slow learners.

Q.4. How many hours should one study daily to prepare for the SOF NSO Olympiad?

Students who are willing to participate in the NSO examination need to dedicate around 2-4 hours daily to excel in the examination.

Q.5. What free SOF NSO preparation resources can I find on Olympiad Success?

Following are free resources you can refer to that are available on Olympiad Success:

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