Online CBSE Classes For Grades 6 to 12

Online one-to-one CBSE classes for grades 1 to 12 are introduced by Olympiad Success (India’s best online platform for Olympiad exams preparation) to help students excel in school tests. These classes will help students become fundamentally strong in subjects like Maths, English, Science, etc. & also make them ready to take any advanced course for competitive exams too.

Which Subjects CBSE Classes do we cover?

We provide online one-to-one CBSE Classes in Maths, Science, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics & Accountancy.


R S Aggarwal book will be covered for Maths CBSE Course & Lakhmir Singh book for Science CBSE Course for grades 6-12. If any student wants to give preference to any other book then the same will be fulfilled.

What we’ll be providing in our Online One-to-One CBSE Classes?

  • Online one-to-one live sessions
  • Topic-wise practice tests & mock tests
  • Reading material
  • Recordings of live sessions

Note: There is an option to make payment monthly as well for CBSE Classes.

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Grade Fees
Grades 1 - 5 Rs. 600 per hour
Grades 6 - 10 Rs. 800 per hour
Grades 11 - 12 Rs. 1200 per hour

Why Online One-to-One CBSE Classes from us?

Most students start to feel a need for hand holding support in academic subjects that is where our online one-to-one CBSE classes plays an important role.

  • Our mentors have significant teaching experience & ensures every student gets concept clarity with effective teaching methodologies.
  • Our live classes will make you feel like you are in a classroom. Our mentors encourage students to ask doubts, engage in discussion & get queries resolved.
  • We offer the most affordable online one-to-one CBSE classes for grades 1-12.
  • Our sessions & topic-wise tests are curated in line with the CBSE exam pattern to keep students on track with the preparation & monitor their progress at each step throughout the course.

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