Olympiad Preparation Tips

Are you all set for your Olympiad Exams?

The Olympiad exams, ever since they came into existence, have been a great way to test a student's understanding of various subjects. Although an Olympiad Exam covers nearly the same topic students study in school, the format and the approach of the Olympiads are quite different; this makes them more challenging and better examiners of a student's progress. Olympiads are…Read More

10 tips to increase concentration among kids

Students, from a young age, are expected to perform excellently in their school lives. To do so, a student should be focused and be able to resist all kinds of temptations that might deviate him/her from studies, because only then can he/she perform beyond expectations. A few hours of concentrated efforts are bound to bring better results than multiple hours…Read More

Avoiding silly mistakes in Mathematics

Mathematics has always been one of the trickiest subjects students have to face in their school lives. The tricky questions require quick and accurate calculations. One simple, silly mistake and one can only pray that the examiner graces you with a few marks for the steps. The pre-exam jitters tend to get on our nerves and make us commit mistakes…Read More

How should one prepare for Olympiads like NSO, IMO, etc.?

Thomas A. Edison once rightly said, There is no substitute for hard work. To achieve something one must always be ready to work for it, even if they are Olympiads. Olympiads are a great way for a student to learn to prepare themselves for the forthcoming challenging competitive exams they may appear for. These exams not only help in building…Read More

What to eat before an Olympiad exam?

Students and parents are often are under the impression that to score good marks in an exam, a student only needs to study and prepare a lot. As much as this is true, it isn't. Of course preparing well for your exam does affect your performance but it isn't the only deciding factor. Our diet plays a major role too.…Read More

Why is it important to participate in Olympiad Exams?

These days, with the competition at the post-school level getting tougher, it becomes necessary for the school students to be prepared emotionally and mentally to tackle the challenges coming their way. Olympiads are a great help in this preparation. Organized for students of class 1st to 12th, these Olympiads test a student's aptitude as well as the knowledge of a…Read More

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