Online Coding Classes for Grade 5

When it comes to coding, it is very important in today's digital world as it is the new literacy. It helps the children in enhancing their logical thinking and problem-solving skills through its structured-way. Scratch Programming makes students more creative and it is helping them to create the content rather than just consuming it.

Hence, Olympiad Success Live has designed the course for Scratch Programming 3.0 for class 5 in such a way that the foundation of the child is built up. For this, we have done great efforts in finding the tutor for class 5 Scratch Programming with relevant background and experience.

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Welcome to Scratch Programming! We are thrilled that you are taking this course and looking forward to working with you. We believe that Childhood is the best time to start learning Coding that helps develop computational thinking creativity and problem-solving skills!

Programming has become an important skill to acquire. This course is about learning the concepts of programming in a fun and interactive way using scratch, one of the friendliest platforms online, created by Mitch Resnik, Head of the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab and team. Computer programming has become more visual and easier to create, thanks to Block Coding.


The students require to have the following


  • Level 1 : Beginner - Game Design
  • Level 2 : Intermediate - App Design


  • Understand and appreciate how computers work: The students will not only learn how a computer works but also appreciate the effort it takes to develop any application.
  • Improves Problem-solving and logical thinking: Students enhance their problem solving and logical thinking by putting together instructions in a logical sequence.

Course Objectives

At the completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Create their own Scratch projects that can range from simple animation to a game.
  • Use and manage scratch accounts enabling them to create and share their work with the scratch community.
  • Use programming concepts like conditional statements, variable, loops etc.

Modules of Level 1

  • Introduction to Programming: The students will be introduced to the concept of computer programming. They will also be introduced to the scratch programming platform.
  • Basics of Scratch: The students will learn to create a sprite, stage, and how to customise them. An outlook of block categories used in scratch programming.
  • Movement and Signals: The students will learn how to move, add sound, change the colour of the sprite. They will also learn to make a sprite appear to think and speak.
  • Math concept: The students learn to create variables and how to use them.
  • Timer The students will learn how to add a timer in the game.
  • Conditions and Coordinate: The students will learn what conditional statements are and how to use them. They will be introduced to XY coordinates and how to position the sprite.
  • Logical and looping blocks (2 classes): The students learn about wait, stop, forever, repeating and broadcast blocks.
  • Libraries and Sharing Projects: The students learn about the libraries available and how to share projects in the scratch platform.

Project: Maze Solver

The students, along the course, will develop a maze solving game with a theme of their choice and creativity. In the 10th session, the game will be presented to all the students and parents that allow the children to showcase their work and innovation.

Modules of Level 2

  • Discussing the Problem statement for the App: The students and the facilitator will discuss a problem statement for the development of the application
  • Drawing: The students will draw a character in scratch
  • Events: The students will learn more about the events block and how to use them.
  • Variables and the hat block: The students will learn more about variables, temporary variables, variables in repetitive blocks. They will also learn about the hat block
  • Math concept: The students learn to create four operations.
  • Counter board: The students will learn how to add a counter board in the app.
  • Looks and Sound: The students will change the looks and the sound of the sprite and the backstage
  • Sensing blocks: The students will learn what sensing blocks.
  • Control blocks: The students learn more about control blocks
  • Conditional: The students learn more about the conditional blocks.
  • Iterations: The students learn more about the repeating blocks and forever loops.
  • Broadcast and Random: The students learn how to broadcast and add random blocks
  • Making new Blocks: The students learn to create new blocks in the scratch program.
  • Presentations of the final app: The students will present their final project.

Project: App Development

The students, along the course, will develop an app based on a problem statement presented to them. The students will also have discussion to come up with a solution enhancing their logical, critical and strategic thinking. They will learn to work as a team and share their opinions on the same.

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