Live Coding Classes for Kids (Grades 3 to 8)


One of the most necessary future skills for kids to learn, even for those who may not wish to code in the future.

With the advancement in technology over the years, the ability to code is becoming increasingly important for kids. In the 21st-century, children are growing up in a digital era, and coding is a skill that can be used every day. Learning to code from a young age has numerous benefits associated.

Coding helps develop logical thinking, level up creativity, improve structural thinking, problem-solving skills, teaches to use Mathematics to solve problems logically and creatively. Learning to code develop computational thinking that teaches newer ways to solve problems and to be persistent by coming up with different solutions to a problem until they have the right one. These skills developed once help students lifetime.

Olympiad Success ensures that students for classes 3-10 start to build a strong foundation in coding skills from an early age and prepares them along the way in life ahead. A child who learns how to code unlocks diverse opportunities with one of the most in-demand skills of the 21st century.

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SchoolPlus Program by Olympiad Success

Prepare for the Olympiad exams, learn coding, Vedic Maths, Reasoning and communication skills for grades 3-8 with the SchoolPlus program by Olympiad Success.

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Olympiad Success Live Details

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What you’ll learn?

Learn Scratch Programming, Android Programming, Web Designing, Python and through Olympiad Success LIVE Coding courses.

The various courses designed for each class are easy to understand and cover all the fundamental concepts from basic to advanced. Also, the students get an opportunity to practice projects under the guidance of mentors.

Overview of the courses:

  • Scratch programming for kids helps them learn the basic concepts of coding quickly from the early beginning. It helps your child develop important skills by making logical conclusions and decisions, learning to solve problems by finding and fixing bugs, experimenting with new ideas, and more.
  • Android programming is a stepping stone for kids to learn the basics of coding with fun. It helps them develop computational skills that teach them new ways to solve problems, improve logical thinking, level up creativity, and more.
  • Web designing for kids gives them a creative outlet, confidence, and joy when they see their website content published for a worldwide audience. It can also get them ahead in later life from a career perspective too.
  • Python gives kids the chance to create something unique from scratch, writing code to make their computer run a program, create their own games, animation, etc.
  • is a block-based drag and drop programming language for kids. Learning to code with is fun for kids.

Courses and Price

Explore all the Coding courses for classes 3-10 with affordable pricing.

Learn the art to code from basic to advanced level from our subject-expert tutors and prepare yourself for the future through Olympiad Success Coding courses.

Why Join Us?

The world has become quite competitive over the years. To compete in today’s world requires continuous up-gradation of skills.

Olympiad Success, through its courses helping students to learn skills that matter the most for their better future.

To explore our more courses, chat with us.

Our unique features which makes us exclusive are:

  • The experienced subject-expert tutors use the creative methodology to teach students.
  • The affordable pricing of the courses is kept to ensure learning to all.
  • Performance assessment is a must and is done through mock tests.
  • Studying in group with your peers helps you learn more skills apart from learning courses.
  • The teaching pedagogy is practical-oriented and fun-based.
  • The course syllabus is completed well within the course duration.

What people say about us


The idea of this course is unique and very reasonable. I liked the method of teaching by the tutor. Courses were planned and were very interesting.

R. Karthik…

India, Class 7

The way tutors explain is fun and clear the concepts very nicely.

Avishi Bagga

India, Class 5

The tutors are just fantastic and they are doing a commendable job!!

Ishanvi Seth

India, Class 7
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