Online Python Programming Class Syllabus for Grade 9

When it comes to coding, it is very important in today's digital world as it is the new literacy. It helps the children in enhancing their logical thinking and problem-solving skills through its structured-way. Python Programming increases the mathematical & scientific concepts of the students and it is helping them to create the content rather than just consuming it.

Hence, Olympiad Success Live has designed the course for Python Programming for class 9 in such a way that the foundation of the child is built up. For this, we have done great efforts in finding the tutor for class 9 Python Programming with relevant background and experience.

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Welcome to Python programming! We are thrilled that you are taking this course and looking forward to working with you. We believe that Middle school is the best time to start learning Python. 

Python is a powerful general-purpose programming language used in web development, data science, creating software prototypes, and AI. It is also an excellent language for beginners. 

This course will include a hands-on project for the students to better apply their learnings and finally have been able to develop a game using pygame.


The students require to have the following: 

  • A computer, good internet connection
  • Zoom
  • Python IDE


  • Installation of IDE: The students will learn to install a python environment.
  • How computers process programming code: The students will learn about how computers process code.
  • Procedural programming: The students will learn about procedural programming.
  • Programming concepts: The students will learn all the basic programming concepts.
  • Variables/Mathematical operators: The students will learn about data types, variables, and operators
  • Control statements: The students will majorly learn Control statements
  • Classes and Objects: The students will also learn classes and objects - real-time.
  • Pygame: The students will learn basic game development using pygame

Course Objectives

  • At the completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • Create their own game using pygame.
  • Understand the working of programming concepts.
  • Understand the most powerful general-purpose language.


  • Python IDE: The students will be introduced to python IDE and how they work.
  • Jumpstart - Python: The students will start learning Python. Its basic Syntax
  • Data types, Variables and operators: Data types, variables are the base for any programming language
  • Control Statement: Control statements are a major programming concept similar for all programming language
  • Pygame: The students will learn to develop a game using pygame
  • Project: The students, along the course, will develop their game using python. This will showcase their learning and tap into their creative mind. Finally, the students will get a chance to present their work.

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