Online Maths Olympiad Classes for Grade 9

Olympiads are the stepping stones to achieve better results in the competitive world that lies ahead in the life of the child. Math Olympiad examinations help students to improve their mathematical skills along with their analytical and problem solving abilities.

Hence, Olympiad Success Live has designed the course for Math Olympiad for class 9 in such a way that the foundation of the child is built up. For this, we have done great efforts in finding the tutor for class 9 Math Olympiad with relevant background and experience.

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Number systems

  • Brief review of numbers
  • Decimal representation of Rational numbers
  • Conversion of a pure/ mixed recurring decimal to the form
  • Irrational numbers, real numbers.
  • Rationalisation of irrational numbers


  • Terms, coefficients and degree of polynomials
  • Factorisation of polynomials
  • Zero (Roots) of a polynomial
  • Remainder theorem, factor theorem

Co-ordinate Geometry

  • Cartesian co-ordinate axes
  • Cartesian co-ordinate of a point
  • Sign convention, plotting of points
  • Distance between two points, Area of triangle

Linear Equations in two variables

  • Definition and solution of linear equation
  • Graph of linear equation in two variables
  • Equations of lines parallel to the x - axis and y - axis
  • Pair of linear equations in two variables and their solutions

Introduction to Euclid's Geometry

  • Axioms (Postulates) and Theorem
  • Collinear points, concurrent lines
  • Line segment, Ray, Half-line
  • Plane, Half plane

Lines and Angles

  • Angles and its type
  • Linear pair of angles, adjacent angles
  • Angles made by a transversal with two lines


  • Definition, Type of triangles
  • Angle sum property of a triangle
  • Exterior angles of a triangle
  • Congruence of triangles
  • inequality relations in a triangles


  • Quadrilateral and terms related to it
  • Angle sum property of a quadrilateral
  • Type of quadrilaterals and their properties
  • Conditions for a quadrilateral to be a parallelogram
  • Mid point theorem related questions

Area of Parallelogram and Triangles

  • Area axiom
  • Parallelogram on the same base and between same parallels
  • Triangles on the same base and between the same parallel
  • Median, centroid, orthocentre, circumcentre of triangle


  • Definition
  • Arc of circle
  • Chord and segment of circle
  • Congruent circles, congruent Arcs
  • Arcs and angles subtended by them
  • Cyclic quadrilateral


  • Construction of bisector of a line segment
  • Construction of bisector of a given angle
  • Construction of different angles
  • Construction of different angles when it's base, difference of the other two sides or sum of the other two sides and base angle are given

Heron's Formula

  • Heron's Formula
  • Applications of Heron's Formula

Surface Area and volumes

  • Surface area and volume of cube and cuboid
  • Surface area and volume of a right circular cylinder
  • Surface area and volume of a right circular cone
  • Surface area and volume of a sphere and hemisphere


  • Data and its presentation
  • Construction of discrete/grouped frequency distribution
  • Cumulative frequency distribution
  • Graphical representation of statistical data
  • Measures of central tendency, Arithmetic mean, Median, Mode


  • Definition of various terms
  • Event, Probability
  • Types of events

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