Online Web Designing Class Syllabus for Grade 7

Whenever a website is built, it must be very attractive, user-friendly and should give the end-users' a wonderful experience.

Hence, Olympiad Success Live has designed the course for Web Designing for class 7 in such a way that the child understands all the nitty-gritties in designing a website. For this, we have done great efforts in finding the tutor for class 7 Web Designing with relevant background and experience. The program is known by the name "Web-o-Design"

If you are interested in purchasing this course, then please Enroll Now. You will be redirected to the batch detail page, wherein you can see all the details like batch start and demo dates, fess and the registration link related to Web Designing for class 7 course.



Session 1

  • Introduction to Web design

Session 2

  • Into HTML - Basic Tags

Session 3

  • Semantics meaning, Elements and attributes

Session 4

  • Formatting Tags, Phrase Tag

Session 5

  • Images and Videos

Session 6

  • Marquee Tag, Hyperlinks

Session 7

  • Introduction to CSS

Session 8

  • CSS properties

Session 9

  • Lists and selectors

Session 10

  • Overlook and debugging

Session 11

  • What is User Experience?

Session 12

  • Tables

Session 13 & 14

  • Forms

Session 15

  • Multimedia and CSS tricks

Session 16

  • Embedding

Session 17

  • Page layout for the project

Session 18

  • Forming the basic Website - Project

Session 19

  • Recap and Review 1

Session 20

  • Introduction to JavaScript

Session 21

  • JavaScript Syntax and Enabling

Session 22

  • JavaScript - variables and operators

Session 23

  • JavaScript - Arrays and looping

Session 24

  • JavaScript - Functions

Session 25

  • JavaScript - Events

Session 26

  • JavaScript - Page Redirecting and Dialog box

Session 27

  • JavaScript - conditions

Session 28

  • JavaScript - Arrays and looping

Session 29

  • Validating the form

Session 30

  • Recap session and Review 2

Session 31

  • What is database?

Session 32

  • Constructing a simple database

Session 33

  • Connections

Session 34

  • Final Project Review

Session 35

  • Project Presentation

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