IMO, IEO, NSO Level 2 Results for Classes 1-10

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Level 2 Olympiad result will be declared by 15th March 2020.

Level 2 Qualification Criteria

Students fulfilling any of the given 3 criteria shall qualify for level 2 Olympiad exams:

  • Class wise top 5% of all the students who appeared for the level 1 exam
  • State wise or zone wise top 25 rank holders from each class
  • Class topper will be announced when at least 10 students from a particular class have appeared in the exam and scores at least 50% marks.¬†When section-wise registration happens, class toppers will be declared from each section when attendance from each section exceeds 25

Level 2 exam will be held for Mathematics, Science and English Olympiads (IMO, NSO & IEO) for students from class 3 onwards. In case, two or more candidates score same marks, ranks will be given to students scoring higher marks in sections accorded higher priority, as under.

Prepare for 2020-2021 Olympiad Exams

We have curated some useful links for your indispensable preparation of Level 1 and Level 2 Olympiad exams.

International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO)

The following resources will help you to prepare for 2019-20 IMO exam:

National Science Olympiad (NSO)

The following resources will help you to prepare for 2019-20 NSO exam:

International English Olympiad (IEO)

The following resources will help you to prepare for 2019-20 IEO exam:

Criteria of Ranking in Level 2 exams

For Level 2 exams, ranks will be accorded on the following criteria: Total Marks scored in Level 2 exam. When two or more than two students secure same number of marks, ranks will be announced on following criteria:

  • Marks scored in sections in level two exams is accorded with higher priority.
  • Total marks scored in Level one exam.
  • Marks scored in sections, in level one exam, accorded higher priority.
In case two or more students score same marks under all the categories above, they will be awarded the same rank.

Level 2 Results

To check IMO Level 2 2018-2019 results, IEO Level 2 2018-2019 results and NSO Level 2 2018-2019 results, please visit the official website of SOF, by visiting your desired SOF results page:
IMO Level 2 2018-2019 results: Check IMO Level 2 Results 
NSO Level 2 2018-2019 results: Check NSO Level 2 Results 
IEO Level 2 2018-2019 results: Check IEO Level 2 Results 

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