CREST Olympiads - CMO PDF Sample Papers for Class 4

Class 4 sample paper & practice questions for CREST Mathematics Olympiad (CMO) level 1 are given below. Syllabus for level 1 is also mentioned for these exams. You can refer these sample paper & quiz for preparing for the CMO exam.

Sample Questions from Olympiad Success:
Q.1 Q.2 Q.3 Q.4 Q.5 Q.6 Q.7 Q.8 Q.9 Q.10


The 18th multiple of 24 is ________.

a) 192
b) 256
c) 576
d) 432


The minimum number of single sticks needed to make the given figure would be?

a) 4
b) 7
c) 6
d) 2


Shyam went to see a match at 3:10 p.m. & was back home at 7.15 p.m. How long did he stay out?

a) 4:25
b) 3:45
c) 4:00
d) 4:05


For what whole numbers is y × 10 ≤ 30?

a) 1,2,3,4
b) 0,1,2,3
c) 3,4,5
d) 0,1,2


What should be added to 6583 to make it divisible by 7?

a) 5
b) 2
c) 1
d) 4


2/3 × 6/9 + 1/2 = _______.

a) 20
b) 17/18
c) 14/15
d) 3 1/2


What fraction is represented by the unshaded part?

a) 3/4
b) 4/1
c) 4/3
d) 1/4


1/4th of a curtain was eaten by rats. What was the total length of the curtain if the remaining was 36 metres long?

a) 56
b) 40
c) 48
d) 52


Survi purchased 2 balls for 20.34, 8 pencils for Rs. 24.08 and a copy for Rs.5.08. She gave a Rs.50 note to the shopkeeper and asked him to keep the change. What amount did the shopkeeper keep?

a) 0.50
b) 49.5
c) 1.5
d) 5.01


Sudha drinks 3 glasses of water with a capacity of 250 mL each. However, the doctor advised her to drink 2 L every day. How short is Sudha from the target?


750 mL


1250 mL


1 L


1,750 L

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Sample PDF of CREST Olympiads - CREST Mathematics Olympiad (CMO) PDF Sample Papers for Class 4:

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Answers to Sample Questions from Olympiad Success:
Q.1 )dQ.2 )cQ.3 )dQ.4 )bQ.5 )dQ.6 )bQ.7 )dQ.8 )cQ.9 )aQ.10 )b

Answers to Sample Questions from Olympiad Success:

Q.1 : d | Q.2 : c | Q.3 : d | Q.4 : b | Q.5 : d | Q.6 : b | Q.7 : d | Q.8 : c | Q.9 : a | Q.10 : b

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