Indian Talent Olympiad - ICO PDF Sample Papers for Class 3

Class 3 sample paper & practice questions for International Compute Olympiad (ICO) level 1 are given below. Syllabus for level 1 is also mentioned for these exams. You can refer these sample paper & quiz for preparing for the exam.

Sample Questions from Olympiad Success:
Q.1 Q.2 Q.3 Q.4 Q.5 Q.6 Q.7 Q.8 Q.9 Q.10


Which of these is a primary storage device?

a) RAM
b) Floppy disk
c) CD
d) USB


The square of 20 is 400 and the square of 17 is 289 then what pair would replace the question mark?

a) 361, 334
b) 36,381
c) 381, 324
d) 361, 324


What is the full form of ROM?

a) Right Of Memory
b) Read Of Memory
c) Read Only Module
d) Read Only Memory


What is the full form of DVD?

a) Digital Virtual Disc
b) Dark Versatile Disc
c) Digital Versatile Disc
d) Digital Value Disc


A Cassette tape is a _________ type of storage?

a) Solid state storage
b) Optical storage
c) Internal storage
d) Magnetic storage


What is the full form of KB?

a) Key Board
b) Kilo Bite
c) Kilo Byte
d) King Bytes


Deleted files go to which folder?

a) Trash can
b) Recycle bin
c) My computer
d) Desktop


Arrange the given words in Alphabetical order and choose the one that comes first.










What lets you open multiple websites on the same browser?

a) Page
b) Windows
c) Tabs
d) None of the above


Which software is used to draw or paint using tools?

a) MS Word
b) MS Draw
c) MS Paint
d) OneNote

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Sample PDF of Indian Talent Olympiad - International Computer Olympiad (ICO) PDF Sample Papers for Class 3:

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Answers to Sample Questions from Olympiad Success:
Q.1 )aQ.2 )dQ.3 )dQ.4 )cQ.5 )dQ.6 )cQ.7 )bQ.8 )bQ.9 )cQ.10 )c

Answers to Sample Questions from Olympiad Success:

Q.1 : a | Q.2 : d | Q.3 : d | Q.4 : c | Q.5 : d | Q.6 : c | Q.7 : b | Q.8 : b | Q.9 : c | Q.10 : c

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