Unified Council - NSTSE PDF Sample Papers for Class 10

Class 10 sample paper & practice questions for National Level Science Talent Search Examination (NSTSE) level 1 are given below. Syllabus for level 1 is also mentioned for these exams. You can refer these sample paper & quiz for preparing for the exam.

Sample Questions from Olympiad Success:

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For which purpose hydrometre is used?

a) for measuring sound under water
b) to detect the presence of hydrogen in the atmosphere
c) for measuring the specific gravity of liquids
d) to detect the changes in atmospheric humidity


The female hormone secreted from ovary is:

a) FSH
b) estrogen
c) LH
d) all above


Which type of glass is used in making lenses and prisms?

a) soft glass
b) pyrex glass
c) jena glass
d) flint glass


What is the major ingredient of leather?

a) collagen
b) carbohydrate
c) polymer
d) nucleic acid


Which of the following cannot be the probability of an event?

a) 2/3
b) -1.5
c) 15%
d) 0.7


A small portion of oviduct is removed in:

a) Barrier method
b) Vasectomy
d) Tubectomy


A pole 6 m high casts a shadow 2√3 m long on the ground, then the Sun's elevation is:

a) 60◦
b) 45◦
c) 30◦
d) 90◦


The split rings in motion are called _________

a) armature
b) core
c) rotor
d) commutator


Which of the following is a physical change?

a) reduction
b) oxidation
c) sublimation
d) decomposition


What is the unit for measuring the pitch or frequency of sound?

a) cycles
b) Hz
c) coulomb
d) Hum

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Sample PDF of Unified Council - National Level Science Talent Search Examination (NSTSE) PDF Sample Papers for Class 10:

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Answers to Sample Questions from Olympiad Success:


Answers to Sample Questions from Olympiad Success:

Q.1 : c | Q.2 : b | Q.3 : d | Q.4 : a | Q.5 : b | Q.6 : d | Q.7 : a | Q.8 : c | Q.9 : c | Q.10 : b

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