SilverZone - iRAO PDF Sample Papers for Class 6

Class 6 sample paper & practice questions for International Reasoning & Aptitude Olympiad (iRAO) level 1 are given below. Syllabus for level 1 is also mentioned for these exams. You can refer these sample paper & quiz for preparing for the exam.

Sample Questions from Olympiad Success:

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Given figure have how many lines of symmetry?

a) 4
b) 3
c) 5
d) 6


Each of the following questions is based on the following information: 1. Six flats on a floor in two rows facing North and South are allotted to P, Q, R, S, T and U. 2. Q gets a North facing flat and is not next to S. 3. S and U get diagonally opposite flats. 4. R next to U gets a South facing flat and T gets North facing flat.

One morning after sunrise, Hemanth and Sridevi were talking to each other face to face at amusement park. If Hemanth's shadow fell exactly to his back side. Which direction was Sridevi facing?

a) West
b) South
c) North
d) East


A dice is numbered from 1 to 6 in different ways.

If 1 is opposite to 2 and adjacent to 3 and 4, then which of the following statements is necessarily true?

a) 2 is adjacent to 6
b) 4 is opposite to 6
c) 3 is adjacent to 5
d) 3 is adjacent to 4


If square is called circle, circle is called rectangle, and rectangle is called triangle, triangle is called polygon then which of the following has three sides?



The sheet of paper shown in the figure () given on the left hand side, in each problem, is folded to form a box. Choose from amongst the alternatives (a), (b), (c) and (d), the boxes that are similar to the box that will be formed.

a) a
b) b
c) c
d) d


Akash is married to Megha, who is the daughter of Aarti. Megha has two children- Ashi and Rashi. Aarti’s only son is married to Ajita, the daughter of Akash’s father’s wife. Ajita has one son, Prem.

How is Rashi related to Aarti?

a) Daughter
b) Granddaughter
c) Sister
d) Daughter-in-law


Choose the missing term out of given alternatives:

A, C, F, H, ?, M

a) L
b) K
c) J
d) I


How many dots lie opposite to the face having three dots, when the given figure is folded to form a cube?

a) 2
b) 5
c) 3
d) 6


In each of the following problems, a square transparent sheet (X) with a pattern is given. Figure out from amongst the four alternatives as to how the patter would appear when the transparent sheet is folded at the dotted line.

a) a
b) b
c) c
d) d


In each of the following questions, find out which of the answer figures (1), (2), (3) and (4) completes the figure matrix ?Select a suitable figure from the four alternatives that would complete the figure matrix.

a) 2
b) 1
c) 4
d) 3

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Sample PDF of SilverZone - International Reasoning & Aptitude Olympiad (iRAO) PDF Sample Papers for Class 6:

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Answers to Sample Questions from Olympiad Success:


Answers to Sample Questions from Olympiad Success:

Q.1 : d | Q.2 : a | Q.3 : a | Q.4 : c | Q.5 : b | Q.6 : b | Q.7 : b | Q.8 : d | Q.9 : d | Q.10 : a

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