SilverZone - iRAO PDF Sample Papers for Class 8

Class 8 sample paper & practice questions for International Reasoning & Aptitude Olympiad (iRAO) level 1 are given below. Syllabus for level 1 is also mentioned for these exams. You can refer these sample paper & quiz for preparing for the exam.

Sample Questions from Olympiad Success:
Q.1 Q.2 Q.3 Q.4 Q.5 Q.6 Q.7 Q.8 Q.9 Q.10


Which point should be moved 15 units in South coincide with the point (6, 7)?

a) (6, 15)
b) (15, 7)
c) (6, 22)
d) (21, 7)


Identify the missing number


a) 35-3
b) 30+3
c) 35+3
d) 30+5


The difference of two numbers is 1365. On dividing the larger number by the smaller, we get 6 as quotient and the 15 as remainder. What is the smaller number?

a) 200
b) 1095
c) 270
d) None of the above


Select the alternative which represents three out of the five alternative figures which when fitted into each other would form a complete rectangle.

a) 142
b) 325
c) 123
d) None of these


Find the distance between two points (9, 8) and (12, 15) in X - direction.

a) 3 units
b) 7 units
c) 12 units
d) 9 units


Find out the alternative figure which contains figure (A) as its part

d) None of these


Heena is standing in the centre of Universe. She wishes to go in North-East direction. Choose the path for her.

a) 900clockwise from South.
b) 450 clockwise from West.
c) 450 clockwise from South
d) 450 anti-clockwise from East.


Which point is nearest to the point (35, 18)?

a) (17, 10)
b) (35, 12)
c) (12, 18)
d) (32, 18)


Sara is getting dressed to go to her office. She has 5 pair of white socks and 11 pairs of red socks. Without looking she reaches into the cupboard and picks a white sock. What is the probability that the next sock she pulls out will be of the same colour?


10 / 32


9 / 32


5 / 16


9 / 31


Count and write the number of rectangles in the following figures:

a) 5
b) 20
c) 8
d) 9

Your Score: 0/10

Sample PDF of SilverZone - International Reasoning & Aptitude Olympiad (iRAO) PDF Sample Papers for Class 8:

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Answers to Sample Questions from Olympiad Success:
Q.1 )cQ.2 )cQ.3 )cQ.4 )cQ.5 )aQ.6 )cQ.7 )dQ.8 )dQ.9 )dQ.10 )d

Answers to Sample Questions from Olympiad Success:

Q.1 : c | Q.2 : c | Q.3 : c | Q.4 : c | Q.5 : a | Q.6 : c | Q.7 : d | Q.8 : d | Q.9 : d | Q.10 : d

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