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Student Name : Paridhi Balodi
Parent Name : N/A
Student School : N/A
Student Class : 9

Which all Olympiads have you appeared for?
How much in advance do you start preparing for the Olympiads?
After I fill the form
Which books do you refer while preparing for the Olympiads?
Workbooks and previous year test papers
Do you prepare notes for the Olympiads? If yes, what is the method you follow?
Do you prepare for Olympiads using Online Sources? If yes, then name a few.
Yes, TYC Online
Do you take any tuition classes for the Olympiads? If yes, then for how long? Would you suggest others also to go for tuition?
What are the things that you would be careful about just before the exam and during the exam?
To attempt every question
Do you solve questions in Achievers section at the start or towards the end?
Towards the end
Any special tips you would like to give to your fellow students?
Use as many resources as you can

Chak De! Olympiads

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