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Student Name : Tapan G Deshpande
Parent Name : Rajani Rao
Student School : Chitrakoota
Student Class : 4

Which all Olympiads has your child appeared for?
Do you help your child in studying for the Olympiads? If yes, then how many hours do you spend each day with your child for the same?
Yes, 1 hour
Which books do you refer while helping your child prepare for the Olympiads?
Workbooks, past papers
How do you make sure that your child is understanding all the things which you are teaching him/her?
By asking questions
Do you use Online Sources to help your child prepare for the Olympiads? If yes, then name a few.
Yes, mock tests
Do you prefer sending your child to tuition classes for the Olympiads? If yes, then for how long? Would you suggest other parents also to send their children to go for tuition?
How do you keep your child motivated - before exam and during exam?
By boosting confidence
Does your child answer the Achievers section's questions at the start or towards the end?
Any special tips you would like to give to other parents'?
Be motivational

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