Online Science Olympiad Classes for Grade 2

Olympiads are the stepping stones to achieve better results in the competitive world that lies ahead in the life of the child. Science Olympiad examinations help students to improve their analytical and problem solving abilities.

Hence, Olympiad Success Live has designed the course for Science Olympiad for class 2 in such a way that the foundation of the child is built up. For this, we have done great efforts in finding the tutor for class 2 Science Olympiad with relevant background and experience.

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  • Types of plants: Climbers, creepers, herb, shrub, trees, wild plants, grasses, water plants
  • Parts of plants: Root, stem, leaf, flower, fruit, seed
  • Plant modification: Underground, stems, roots
  • Uses of plants
  • Care of plants


  • Life cycle of various animals: Butterfly, grasshopper, frog, cockroach etc.
  • Animal characteristics: Move, grow, eat food
  • Animal houses/habitats- live underground, in the trees, near water, underwater

Human Body

  • Locate body parts in a picture
  • Main functions of all parts of the body (external), sense organs
  • Care of body parts and sense organs


  • Importance and need of food
  • Major food items: Cereals, dals, fruits, vegetables, milk
  • Food items for bodybuilding, energy-giving, for wear & tear of body, vitamins, water fibers
  • Healthy and junk food
  • Variations in food and reasons- different age group, families

Housing and Clothing

  • Types of houses
  • Reasons in the diversity of houses
  • Material used in various kind of houses
  • Need and care of house/household things
  • Cleanliness of the house (ways)
  • Need for light and ventilation in the house
  • Variety of cloth material cotton, silk, wool, canvas, rayon etc. and their use in different seasons
  • Sources of natural and man-made fibers, sources
  • Dress material suited to different climatic conditions
  • Care of different types of clothes

Family and Festivals

  • Types of families: Small family, Nuclear family, Big family, Joint family, Extended family
  • Importance of family
  • Different types of festivals celebrated


  • Identifying different helpers of society
  • Understanding their role in community service
  • Famous personalities of the world

Good Habits and Safety Rules

  • Learn about good and bad habits
  • Understanding of how accidents happen
  • Study how accidents can be avoided
  • Know about first aid and how to give medical help to the injured person
  • Different safety rules which we need to follow for our own benefit and wellbeing: Safety at home, at school, on road, in the playground etc.

Transport and Communication

  • Need for various kind of transport: Some examples, visuals
  • Various modes of transport used in big cities
  • Different modes of transport (land, air, water)
  • Different kinds of transport in the surroundings
  • Means of communication at home, in the neighbourhood, (Radio, TV, Newspaper)
  • Different ways of communication
  • Need for communication


  • Simple properties of air: Air occupy space, has weight, expands when we heat, feel it, etc.
  • Ways to reduce air pollutions in the surroundings
  • Airborne diseases and their prevention (some common diseases)
  • Cause of air pollution
  • Uses of air in daily life
  • Need for clean air
  • Harmful effects of unclean air by giving examples

Water and Rocks

  • Sources of water: Natural and man-made (rain, dam, lake, river, ponds, well, hand pump)
  • Need for water for plants, animals and human beings
  • Clean water for drinking - Ways of purification of water at home/colony (awareness level)
  • Food items contain more quantity of water
  • Causes of water pollution (awareness level)
  • Different types of rocks and minerals

Earth and Universe

  • Changes seen in sky in day, afternoon, night
  • Various seasons and sky
  • Solar system and other heavenly bodies
  • Day and Night formation (through picture only)

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